Emirates National Oil Company Dubai

OC (the Emirates National Oil Company) is a worldwide isolated noteworthiness gathering. Created in 1993, ENOC is a by and large had relationship of the Government of Dubai, through the Investment Corporation of Dubai.

ENOC is a multi-intrigue oil and gas gathering, and has practices in Dubai and Northern Emirates in UAE, paying little heed to the manner in which that it doesn’t have endeavors in Abu Dhabi, the best of the emirates. One of its aides, ENOC Processing Company LCC (EPCL) runs the Jebel Ali refinery in Dubai.

The ENOC Group contains

Business Opportunities

ENOC offers an expansive grouping of calling open portals for a shifting degree of extents of limits. We pride ourselves on our multicultural and inviting condition, and we reinforce innovativeness and calling advancement all through the affiliation.

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