Emirates National Oil Company Group (ENOC) is an essential encouraged by and large oil and gas player working over the vitality part respect chain. A completely had relationship of the Government of Dubai, ENOC was at first settled in 1993. Since our course of action we have made basic obligations to Dubai’s proceeded with drive towards monetary overhaul and practical improvement. We in like way ensure more than 30 related aides required in refining, oil mixing, accumulating, air transportation and retail.Servicing countless transversely in excess of 60 markets, we utilize a workforce of more than 9,000 delegates and are passing on our reality class client advantage, most recent movements and advances and best practices towards the U.A.E’s social and cash related improvement.

We offer an accumulation of non-fuel associations, showing our capacity to expand exercises, make and make openings through in-house thought upgrade, blueprint of joint undertakings and establishment acquisition to offer our buyers comfort at each touch point.

All through continuous years, ENOC has advanced from a territory oil and gas player to a general director transversely over different parts of the vitality section respect chain. Before long overhauling innumerable crosswise over in excess of 60 markets, ENOC is sending limit and improvement to extend its commitments to accomplish reasonable advancement.Our association structure guarantees we are at last careful to our key accessories, and stirring up plans and association frameworks that add to ability and incredible exercises. We enthusiastically center upon the probability to take off upgrades in our corporate association, consolidating gainful norms honed somewhere else.

Serve making vitality needs of Dubai and add to the accomplishment of Dubai Plan 2021.Fabricate world-class abilities to beneficially and reasonably develop locally and globally.Encourage operational brightness, association and world-class EHS measures.Build up the “One ENOC” culture: combined as one assembling along the respect chain.Augment bliss and respect passed on to experts, clients and partners.


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